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marketing strategy 6 factors

6 Forces You Need to Monitor for an Effective Marketing Strategy

The 6 Critical Forces to Monitor When Developing an Effective Marketing strategy Developing a marketing strategy can be a daunting task, especially when you think about the ever-changing business and marketing landscape leaving you feeling powerless. That’s why using a common-sense framework, such as the strategic management model helps organize what seems chaotic. The strategic management model

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Segment Target Market Porsche

How to Segment Your Target Market: Porsche Case Study

  How to Segment Your Target Market for Success: A Porsche Case Study Those of us in marketing are faced with the challenge of trying to improve our marketing strategy with tactics that resonate with our target market. Porsche provides an example of how to segment their target market and achieve success. Porsche has taken on an

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Why Use an int mktg app

Why Use an Integrated Marketing Communications Approach?

Why use an Integrated Marketing Communications Approach? It is a brave new world with new technologies, social media, and apps entering the market at a lightning fast pace that can give you a headache. Traditional media methods to reach consumers have changed with media sources, such as the Internet and social media adding complexity to the

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How to Build Brands That Deliver Results

How to Build a Brand That Delivers Results

The focus of this post is on how to build a brand, a critical element in the success of your business. Regardless if you are a startup organization, or you are trying to re-energize an existing brand; a strong brand is essential. Think about why someone selects Coca-Cola over the private label or another brand,

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Authentic Marketing

Authentic Marketing: Can Consumers See Through Your Marketing?

Authentic Marketing It’s critical when assessing the authenticity of your marketing to take an honest look at your marketing and ask the tough questions, such as: Can consumers see that we are trying to sell to them? Are we taking a sales oriented approach rather than a customer driven approach? Are we pushing our products

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